Year: 2022

  • Fall Week Three (September 27-October 1)

    Fall Week Three (September 27-October 1)

    Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour Fiona blew through quick, but left the Atlantic Provinces with SO much cleanup, and unfortunately, once again, we were forced to postpone yet another program due to this major storm. Wednesday Forest Pups – Kiwanis Park Did someone say mud pies?! This group seems to start every week with…

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  • Fall Week Two (September 20-24)

    Fall Week Two (September 20-24)

    Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour Forest School allows for such a unique learning environment that encourages on-the-go learning and adaptation. One major adaptation that must be accounted for is the weather; we do our best to run in all weather conditions, but we sometimes have to make the hard decisions to postpone a program…

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  • Fall Week One (September 13-17)

    Fall Week One (September 13-17)

    Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour We are so excited to begin our fall season by offering a new program! We have been running a weekday – spring and fall – homeschooling program in Bedford for several years, but this is the first time we’ve been fortunate enough to run out of both Bedford and…

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  • Summer Week Eight – Bedford

    Summer Week Eight – Bedford

    Similarly to week seven, we tried to do lots of exploring in our last week in Bedford this summer. Day one: Base Camp We spent our first day of the week primarily at basecamp, wondering off with small groups throughout the day on nearby trails for a bit of exploration. This group enjoyed mingling around…

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  • Summer Week Seven – Cole Harbour

    Summer Week Seven – Cole Harbour

    The last two weeks of summer were our busiest of all! We finished off the season strong with two “exploration” camps, one offered at each of our locations. The first of these camps took place at Cole Harbour Heritage Park and boy did we really explore that park! We set up a new “base camp”…

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  • Summer Week Six – South Shore

    Summer Week Six – South Shore

    In the second week at our South Shore location this summer, we had another small and keen group that was very comfortable in the woods! One of our students was eager to teach many cool nature facts throughout the week, while another student was tying lots of ropes! He even built a shelter for everyone…

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  • Summer Week Five – Cole Harbour

    Summer Week Five – Cole Harbour

    Building, climbing and silly faces all around with this group! Our youngest group of the summer kept us busy and always laughing! This group built a forest swing and balance beam that they loved playing on throughout the week. Several students in the group spent the week collecting spruce cones around camp and “planting them.”…

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  • Summer Week Four – Cole Harbour

    Summer Week Four – Cole Harbour

    If there’s one thing the week four group will be remembered by it’s their love for climbing! This group spent the first half of the week making their way up trees, both with and without hand-made harnesses. The second half of the week we upgraded to a true climbing harness and rope! Which way to…

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  • Summer Week Three – South Shore

    Summer Week Three – South Shore

    This summer Wild Child has branched out to Kespukwitk (South Shore of Mi’kma’ki) in a few new locations! We ran 2 week-long camps at Owlwood Farm in Conquerall Mills- a beautiful mossy, old growth forest with a beautiful homestead including gardens, horses, a cow, and so much to explore. Sadly, each of the week-long programs…

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  • Parent & Tot

    Parent & Tot

    Introducing one of our newest programs this year: Parent and tot! What could be better than babies in nature? Outdoor exploration has no age limit! This program not only gives our youngest age group yet (< 3 years old) an opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors, but it also allows for their families to…

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  • Summer Week Two – Bedford

    Summer Week Two – Bedford

    Ghost Pipes and blueberries, it’s summer time! The students of week two got the opportunity to learn about these cool flowers and delicious little berries first hand. Ghost pipes are often mistaken for a fungus, but in fact are plants. The reason the plant appears the way it does is due to its lack of…

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  • Summer Week One – Bedford

    Summer Week One – Bedford

    Summer is in full swing here at Blue Mountain Birch Cove Wilderness Area and we are back with a new program and a whole new group of students. Differing from the spring program, the summer program runs Monday-Friday with the same class , rolling into a new group the following week. These weeks go by…

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  • Spring Recap 2022

    Well that’s a wrap! Six weeks truly has never gone so fast. Our spring and fall programs are unique in the sense where we get the opportunity to spend one day a week together over a series of weeks. This method of learning allows for the students to see the forest change around them, giving…

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