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Introducing one of our newest programs this year: Parent and tot! What could be better than babies in nature? Outdoor exploration has no age limit! This program not only gives our youngest age group yet (< 3 years old) an opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors, but it also allows for their families to be there to enjoy it with them. Moms, dads, grandparents, siblings… all here with their tiny human to experience the true joy of outdoor play.

One of the things that makes this program so great is the location we get to do it at. I’m happy to introduce our third location of 2022:

Kiwanis Centre Beach and Park Morris Lake

This beautiful park allows for a diverse type of play, with: fields growing wild strawberries, to a wetland that is home to a large snapping turtle. The park borders a dense forest with a beautiful trail that follows the waters edge around the lake the park sits on. The park has a large dock and sandy beach, a boat launch, picnic tables and park benches all available for public use. We are so grateful to run our parent and tot program from this location and all it has to offer.

We set up the first day in the center of the park, surrounded by trees with lots of room to play… but it did not take long for the babies to find the water, and once they did, we couldn’t keep them out of it!

oh…and the sand!

Meeting up in the early mornings, once a week, these babies always show up to have a good time! blowing bubbles, climbing trees, reading books, swinging in hammocks… there’s just so much to be done! It’s great seeing these little faces always show up with a smile (:

Wildchild is happy to provide a safe space for children of all ages to play. In the case of the parent and tot program we are happy to provide a bug tent with a change pad, lots of toys and gadgets to aid in exploration and coffee for their hard working- and often tired- caretakers. A safe space is important for both the children and the guardian and we truly strive to make the program a stress free and fun place to be for both parent and tot. Offering coffee/tea and adult socialization for the adults and toys and baby socialization for the kids is what this program really rounds out to be.

What will the upcoming seasons hold for our nature babies and their loving caregivers?

We’re excited to see both our new program and new students grow in the months to come 🙂

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