Summer Week Six – South Shore

In the second week at our South Shore location this summer, we had another small and keen group that was very comfortable in the woods!

One of our students was eager to teach many cool nature facts throughout the week, while another student was tying lots of ropes! He even built a shelter for everyone to do art under and a hammock to lounge in.

The other students enjoyed studying and drawing lots of mushrooms. The field guides were really popular with this group. We learned a lot about the different mushrooms, butterflies, and other insects.

Hammock time was also a huge hit for these kids; some students even choosing to spend lots of extra time in there laughing and drawing. We also got to pet the horses and spend an afternoon down at the river splashing and playing in the water.

On the last day, we spent so much time with the flint and steel and got a small fire going! This was after a big and much needed rain, so we felt it was safe to do so.

And of course, we ended our program playing in the pond until the parents had to basically beg them to get out of there – they wanted to stay forever!

We can’t wait to reconnect with these kids in a few weeks. 

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