Fall Week One (September 13-17)

Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour

We are so excited to begin our fall season by offering a new program! We have been running a weekday – spring and fall – homeschooling program in Bedford for several years, but this is the first time we’ve been fortunate enough to run out of both Bedford and Cole Harbour.

We have become very familiar with our location at Cole Harbour Heritage park over the past few seasons, but with this new program we were able to welcome all new faces! New faces to us anyways, we have one student who is excited to be back in the forest with Wild Child after taking a few years off.

Our first day of camp was full of book reading, hammock swinging and fort security building. With four new students to forest school, we spent the day exploring and discussing all the fun things we wanted to do in the upcoming weeks.

Wednesday Forest Pups – Kiwanis Park

Unfortunately we postponed our first week of fall programs for our forest pups in hopes to get more little wildlings signed up. Fingers crossed for future posts about these little feet and all their future adventures with us.

Thursday Homeschool Program – Bedford

The homeschooling community we’ve had the privilege to get to know through Wild Child holds a special place in our hearts. Year after year, both spring and fall, these students all come back together as a familiar class (with a few exceptions), eager to be outside and learn. This fall we have 10 of the same students from our spring program, with the addition of one. By having the same students return season after season we are able to easily build upon the knowledge they’ve previously learned and the experiences they’ve had with us in the past; resulting in some pretty incredibly smart and impressive wild children.

During the first day back, many of these students enjoyed spending the day catching up with their friends and sharing all of their stories from the summer months past. We made a trip to Fairy mountain after hammock time to warm up; although fall isn’t here quite yet, the weather is definitely starting to feel like it. On fairy mountain the students worked together to try to make a fire using a magnifying glass and anything they found nearby they thought might light. [ This activity was highly supervised, and no spark ever caught ].

Welcome back Bedford homeschooling group, we missed you! Can’t wait for another great season with you.

Friday Parent & Tot Program – Kiwanis Park

The babies are back!

We welcomed four new tiny feet to our program on Friday and we couldn’t be happier to spend the morning with those little smiles and chattin’ mama’s. The babies enjoyed swinging in hammocks, crawling through the grass and playing with the ‘fluffies’ of a cat tail plant.

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to expanding this program to even more parent and tots this fall!

Saturday Nature Explorers – Cole Harbour

Much like our Thursday group, our Saturday group are not strangers to each other. Many of these students have been in this program for a few seasons, coming to build some great friendships. We do have the loss and addition of some students this season, but no one seemed too estranged on their welcome back to the forest.

We spent most of the day hanging out at our “bumblebee camp” , where the ninja line made an appearance. The students enjoyed climbing around on the line for most of the day 🙂 What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

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