Fall Week Three (September 27-October 1)

Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour

Fiona blew through quick, but left the Atlantic Provinces with SO much cleanup, and unfortunately, once again, we were forced to postpone yet another program due to this major storm.

Wednesday Forest Pups – Kiwanis Park

Did someone say mud pies?!

This group seems to start every week with some water play, which transitions well into snack time once everyone is changed into dry socks and pants again. After snack time this week the children once again enjoyed playing with the hammocks and tying the ropes up in trees.

The three hour programs definitely go by quickly with this group!

Thursday Homeschool Program – Bedford

At our Bedford location we have a tree on Fairy Mountain that we dubbed “the climbing tree” many years ago. This tree is a beautiful white pine that allows for even the most novelty of climbers to feel accomplished, while the more skilled climbers compete over who can see the farthest past the tree line into the city. This tree has provided many children with all the thrills that come with tree climbing, but at last, in the last few months it has started to show its wear and tear from having so many climbers over the years. Many of the lower branches on the tree have snapped off, allowing for a very limited level of climber to use.

Today, the students set out to find a new climbing tree!

With a few attempts, they settled on a tree just on the outskirts of our basecamp. Many students enjoyed trying out the new climbing tree throughout the day.

Friday Parent & Tot Program

Wild Child NS is so excited to announce the start of a brand new program called “Wild Child Travelling Toddlers” !

This program will allow even more families to connect in nature. The idea is to continue offering our parent and toddler program as we were, but change locations week by week.

Our first program will be held at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax Nova Scotia. For more information on this program or upcoming location and event times please follow us on Facebook at “Wild Child Travelling Toddlers”

Saturday Nature Explorers – Cole Harbour

Due to the extensive cleanup required at Cole Harbour Heritage Park after the hurricane we decided to change our Saturday program location to the Kiwanis Park we use for our Forest Pups Program. We are fortunate enough to already have a partnership with another park to close by and did not have to postpone yet another program day.

This park allowed for the students to have so much more freedom than they normally have; not in the sense of less supervision, but more in the ability to play in the water, sand, forest or field, all while being within adult supervision. The design of the park allows for easy transitional play and the ability for one group of students to spend their time doing something while other students may be interested in doing something completely different.

This week we had one student repurpose some old fishing line, a hook, a stick and a bobber he found in the park to make his own fishing rod. While fishing we spotted a baby snapping turtle who habited the area; the students were all very excited by his presence.

Away from the water we had many students working on building some forts on the outskirts of the forest, and picking up any garbage they’d come by during their building.

Add in some hiking, a tiny toad friend and whittling, and that pretty much sums up our nature explorers this week.

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