Fall Week Two (September 20-24)

Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour

Forest School allows for such a unique learning environment that encourages on-the-go learning and adaptation. One major adaptation that must be accounted for is the weather; we do our best to run in all weather conditions, but we sometimes have to make the hard decisions to postpone a program due to the conditions. With the colder weather upon us and the long days in the forest we made the call to run a half day program this Tuesday, and I think everyone would agree, it was the right call.

We hiked into our basecamp that morning, quickly setting up a couple tarps to keep everyone more comfortable; the children enjoyed both playing in the rain and hanging out under the tarp throughout the day. Under one of our tarps we read some field guides and practiced our whittling skills.

After snack, we went for a hike to the look-off… it was very wet.

Wednesday Forest Pups – Kiwanis Park

Our Wednesday group is small in both class size and overall height of the students , but they sure are mighty! These littles had a very busy first day at the park. We started our morning with a meeting at the end of the dock. Once we woke up all the sleeping ducks we sat down to get to know everyone’s name and what they were most excited to do this season.

After our meeting we set up a base camp with a backpack line, blanket for story time and lots of hammocks! The students had so much fun swinging in the hammocks and making their way through the rope obstacle courses between the trees.

After Lunch we took a long walk through the forest trails, lead by one of our most eager students. Though I think they would have walked for hours through that forest, we made the call to come back, concluding a 30 minute hike round trip.

Thursday Homeschool Program – Bedford

The Thursday group came into camp eager to design and build a crows nest fort taller than any we had built before! With the use of a rope ladder we provided and a little help with the lashing and frapping high up in the trees, they were very successful in their build.

Friday Parent & Tot Program – Kiwanis Park

With the risk of Hurricane Fiona blowing our toddlers away, we decided to cancel this week of parent and tot programs. Stay safe everyone!

Saturday Nature Explorers – Cole Harbour

Hurricane Fiona came in with a furry and was not kind to the beautiful trees at many of our program locations. One of our great losses from this storm was our largest climbing tree in Cole Harbour Heritage park; a tear or two were definitely shed over the loss of the largest limb of this glorious maple tree. With the pending cleanup after the hurricane, we were left no choice but to postpone our Saturday program.

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