Fall Week Four (October 4-October 8)

Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour

We were so thankful to be blessed with the beautiful fall day we experienced this Tuesday in Cole Harbour.


Today was this groups first time at “Bumblebee Camp” ! We love this camp because it is great for fort building and tree play. This camp is located just off the Panarama Trail and is where we’ve run many program days out of in the past. This group enjoyed spending the day building a fort/”jail” in the underside of a large uprooted tree from the recent hurricane. We also built a balance beam between two trees that the students enjoyed trying to balance on and cross.


Today we taught the students the fun of creating art out of the forest. By laying out a frame with four sticks you can then begin to add any materials into the center to build a picture. We call this activity ” Art Museum ” and often will have the students walk around, observe and present their creations.

Another new skill introduced today was wood burning with magnifying glasses. This is a skill that take a lot of practice and patience to master and we were very impressed to see some of our youngest students master it on their first day.

And like any full day in the forest, we all enjoyed our quiet hammock time.


Wednesday Forest Pups – Kiwanis Park

We were beyond excited to welcome a new member to our Wednesday program! Our new student quickly joined in on the exploration and learning.


As usual, the group spent most of their day running circles around the park; playing with ropes, sticks, water, ducks… whatever they can find. During snack time today the ducks came to say hello, listening in closely to our story time. 


We finished off our fall day with some nature drawings ; the students were asked to draw something that makes them smile. 🙂 


Thursday Homeschool Program – Bedford

The cold and rain are two things that can very much impact how a day in the forest will go, and whether it should or not; but when it comes to chances of thunderstorms, we don’t play around. And because of this…yup, another postponed day of forest school.



Friday Travelling Toddlers – Point Pleasant Park

Today was a very exciting day for Wild Child as we launched a brand new program : Travelling Toddlers. Our leaders Anna “Big Pond”; “Nature” Nicole and “Forest” Frank, prepared the site by hanging hammocks and laying blankets. The forest was sprinkled with bath toys and kitchen gadgets – and of course, everyone’s favourite: the bubbles. With all the excitement of enjoying spending time in the forest we almost didn’t notice the time. As the morning turned to the afternoon we realized that no matter how excited or prepared, sometimes people don’t show. And though disappointing, we knew that this was only an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and continue to build a great program. Next week’s program will be held at the same site and we will continue to reach out to the community to advertise this new opportunity for young families. 



Saturday Nature Explorers – Cole Harbour

Running a program on Thanksgiving weekend can be tricky with attendance, competing with family gatherings and celebrations. We are extra thankful for the Wild Child families that prioritize their children’s time spent outside for both their mental and physical health. 

We started off this day with a nature hike to the lookout; even stopping to cross a rock bridge on the venture to today’s basecamp. 


The best part about the lookout is the different play mediums the kids get to play in in one supervised area. On this particular day we had one student who spent his time joyfully creating, casting and reeling in a hand made finishing rod. How many 7 year old’s can say they spent their morning fishing for sharks in the Atlantic ocean ? This wild child certainly can!


The environment around the look off can get very moist from both fresh and salt water sources. These conditions are perfect for many creatures…including salamanders!


Whether it’s tree climbing, making mud pies, walking through waterfalls or just playing in a tunnel, these wild children certainly know how to use their imaginations and have fun!


Lastly, to finish off our day in the woods the children were asked to draw something in nature that makes them happy. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, remember to stay grateful and get outside this long weekend. 



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