Fall Week Eight (November 1-November 5)

Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in awhile we manage to experience a whole day in the forest without taking a single picture; today was one of those days. It was a drizzly last day of fall programs for these wild children, but that didn’t stop them from making the most of the day. The day was spent primarily at the look off, with explorations branching from there. The children spent hours exploring the coastline, eventually discovering a few crosses in a small cemetery within the park. Nearby the cemetery the students came across a deep valley they referred to as a black hole; igniting their imagination and leading them in many “lets pretend” games from there. Let’s pretend you got spaghettified by going too close to the black hole! Let’s pretend we are spelunking in the seaweed! Let’s pretend we are ninja’s ! Let’s pretend, let’s pretend, let’s pretend!
Their imaginations and curiosity lead up through the season. Finishing by seeing how many tree’s we could perfectly wrap our arms around the circumference of with our variety of arm lengths and body sizes. These wild children truly are little tree huggers 🙂 

Wednesday – Kiwanis 

This year we ran four fall programs throughout the week; two eight week programs and two for six weeks. Both our Wednesday and Saturday classes were six week programs and have come to an end for another season. Although it can be sad to see the seasons coming to an end, we are so grateful to be able to offer both “Late fall” and “Winter” programs this year to help keep children experiencing nature year round! We are happy to see many of our students from spring and fall will be continuing with us over the colder months.

Stay tuned to hear how their adventures change with the seasons. 

Thursday Homeschool Program – Bedford

Every week we start by touching base with our students on the activities we have been doing in the forest and the opportunities to try new ones. We often take votes and have group conversations to be sure we are catering our programs to suit each class the best. This season one student, “Calendula”, was eager to try his hand at flint in steal; telling us week after week it was the one thing he was really looking forward to this season. Well, “Calendula”, we heard you, and we were so excited to spend our last scheduled fall program trying out some new skills. 

This activity took up most of our morning, leaving the rest of the day for hammock time and free play.  

Next week is our make-up rain day and we have some special activities planned to finish our season off strong! 

Friday Travelling Toddlers – Prospect

We were so excited to host this week of “Wild Child Travelling Toddlers” in the prospect community. From the beginning of starting this program, many families in this community reached out with great interest of hosting more activities in their backyard. After some searching, with the help of a community member, we were able to find the perfect location to spend our morning; “Lovers Cove”. 

This park provided us with an open space for play, trees for hammocks, forest for exploration and foraging, and water for temptation (I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to keep a toddler from swimming in November, but it’s not always an easy task haha). 

These programs are set up as “free play” time in nature with the tools to help you have extra fun – like hammocks, mud kitchens, magnifying glasses and books. This week in particular, we were happy to come across some fresh wintergreen in the forest, providing the opportunity to teach about identification and uses for this minty, abundant plant.

With such a strong support from this community, we are eager to make a return in the future with even more programs and opportunities!

Saturday Nature Explorers – Cole Harbour

Saturday Programs start again in two week for “Late-fall” ! Can’t wait to see what adventures these nature explorers will experience next! 




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