Fall Make-up Week (November 8-November 12)

We were happy to spend this week making up for the past program cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control – like the recent Hurricane. 

Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour

On the last fall day in the woods for these wild children they promptly made the choice in the morning to explore a new site. This is a site we used for a program day in the summer , but have not returned to since. The morning was spent looking around the new site. This site was full of mushrooms, and it wasn’t long before the right log was turned over to reveal a little salamander. 

After snack, our explorations continued past our new camp to bumblebee camp. The children were eager to play on the root side of a large, recently fallen tree they discovered a few weeks beforehand. 

Our walk and play built up an appetite, so we retuned to our camp to have lunch and hammock time. We are always so proud to see how hard our students work to independently accomplish tasks in the forest: like setting up and taking down their hammocks. We run child-led programs and always encourage students to work past their struggles they come upon. This could be simply talking a child through how to reorganize their backpack in order for them to properly zip it up themselves. Whatever the strife is we always tell our students to never use the words “I can’t” and we start at the beginning , talking through where they are having challenges and how we can work through a solution. This approach often leads students realizing they are able to accomplish so much more than they once thought – a life skill we are happy to work on with our students every day here at forest school. 

After hammock time we poured some hot chocolate to warm up and gathered for story time.

The day was chilly and windy but brought us the joy from new friends and experiencing the magic of the forest breathing. Many of the trees in the forest were affected by the recent hurricane and large wind events and because of this the ones that still remain standing have lifted at the base, where they were once more locked to the ground by their roots. As the trees blew in the wind on this day we were able to experience the ground moving in waves below us in the moss covered forest. Up and down like the roll of a wave; or a deep breath of the forest: in and out. Through the day as we played, as we sat to eat our snacks and read books and as we hung in our hammocks, you could feel the forest moving – in and out with each breath she took. 


Thursday Homeschool Program – Bedford


Finishing off the final fall program day of 2022 with: 


Apple carving…


Apple bobbing…


Pinecone wars…


Campfire popcorn and charcoal face paint…


Making memories 🙂


Friday Travelling Toddlers  – Remembrance Day

In order to pay our respects and honour Remembrance day, we did not run a program on Friday November 11, 2022. 

Lest we forget




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