Late Fall Thursday Programs (November 17 – December 8)

Late Fall Thursday Programs were located in Blue Mountain Birch Cove Wilderness area, just as the Thursday’s beforehand. Our Late fall program consisted of many of the same students from the fall, with the loss of a few.

We would normally run our program towards the “Hobson Lake Trail” side of the area, but decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and do some exploring. The first day of Late Fall Programs we ventured towards “Charles Lake Trail” for the first time. The hike to the lake is full of some of the best climbing trees and rock walls ; as well as some gorgeous views!

It didn’t take long for the class to fall in love with Charles Lake – and we spent the rest of the season making the trek.

Being able to provide Forest School Programs within a wilderness area offers a deep connection and integration with the natural world we all: live, play and learn in. But with all the benefits that this site brings, it comes with extra risks, especially in the colder months. This late fall we offered a four hour program at this location and will continue to offer shorter program options until the spring. The shorter programs can really hinder the activities we can do in a day, but they are necessary to keep everyone safe.

This group seems eager to stay warm by exploring new locations within the area over the coming months and we are so excited to share these new adventures with you!

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