Late Fall Saturday Programs (November 19 – December 10)

The same FUN group, with a new location! For our late fall programs we have taken advantage of our access to Kiwanis Park in Cole Harbour and it’s regulations allowing for us to have campfires. And many campfires were enjoyed by this class!

Though everyone loves a good fire, nothing brings people together quite like food…even if it’s made of sand and pine cones.

 Our programs are primarily learner-led and we follow the lead of our students, encouraging their curiosity along the way. Free-play is important play 🙂

Did I mention it’s been quite a mild fall…well this is one of our students, walking barefoot on the beach in late November!

And though we’ve been taking full advantage of these warmer late-fall/winter days, the winter weather is just around the corner. To prepare for this, Wild Child has added under quilts to their forest kit!

Two thumbs up from our under-quilt tester! These should keep us warm in the upcoming months 🙂 We are so grateful to see our programs continuing through all seasons of the year; we couldn’t provide this without the great community who supports us. Thank you !

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