Winter Climbing Week Two (February 2nd & 7th)

Thursday Climbing – Decathlon

Week one in the gym was focused on getting comfortable on the climbing wall ; week two we began to introduce new challenges.

This one student was the first and only student so far to complete our two challenges: racing a leader up the wall and traversing horizontally across the wall without touching the mat. He successfully completed both with flying colours!

While our rockstar rock climber was taking a well deserved water break these brothers were happy to drive each other up the wall.

Just like week one, the hour was a complete buzz the entire time. The gym was full of lots of different sports and a new activity made an appearance: Pétanque. Pétanque is a French ball game similar to Boccie ball; the primary difference including a stationary toss of the ball. The goal of the game is to get your/your teams balls closest to the white target ball (the cochonnet) by throwing, rolling or bouncing their balls closest to the target, or hitting their opponents balls further away from the target. This is such a great game to play with players of all ages and was a huge hit in our program this week.


We are so grateful to the Decathlon staff for all they do, but there is one in particular who goes above and beyond. This staff member was our first connection to the store and has been fully on board with everything we stand for from day one. We are so excited to spend our climbing days with them; they always come ready for a great time and eager to get involved.

Thank you for all that you do 🙂

Tuesday Climbing – Decathlon

After a week of brainstorming, it was my morning coffee chat with my husband that got the ball rolling on this new climbing game. The original thought stemming from twister and growing from there.

With using the resources available, I was able to create a way to play a twister-like game on the wall. With one climber on the wall competing at a time, one of the spectators rolling a die and flipping a coin. The roll/flip will reveal the next move for the climber, with the goal being to stay on the wall for as many new moves as possible. We kept a white board of everyone’s score so they could compete with themselves and try to do more each round.

This game was a huge hit that got all students, leaders and even a parent involved! I am looking forward to see how this game develops in the coming weeks.

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