Winter Climbing Week Three (February 9&14)

Thursday Climbing – Decathlon 

This group quite literally comes in the door running … and most don’t stop until their parents are calling them out of the gym.

This week the students were eager to try out their trick shots on the basketball net and archery target.

The Jump Shot

The Backwards Shot

And The Bullseye!

And of course a few students were excited to try out some bouldering. This week we introduced the new game that our older group played last week; a few students gave it a try but they are much more interested in seeing how many activities they can fit in in the short hour.

Tuesday Climbing

Unfortunately this weeks Tuesday climb was cancelled due to road conditions following a winter storm. This program will be rescheduled to March 21.

Wishing the Wild Child Community a wonderful Valentines Day <3 We Love You! Don’t forget to love yourselves!

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