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Interested in signing up for Wild Child Forest School? Please read before registering below.

Programs are catered to specific age and interests – please carefully read the program descriptions to ensure you are signing your Wild Child up for the program that best suits their needs. Keep your child’s interests and comfort in mind when signing up for full day programs spent entirely in nature. If they have never used the “washroom” outside, talk to them about it and show them how to do it; it will help them enjoy the programs without that worry.

Safety is another factor in your decision to send your child to Forest School or Camp; we have no walls. This means that if your child is a runner, we need to know this ahead of time. We do not have funding for one-on-one support. If an educator has to leave to follow a child, that leaves the other educators short-handed. If a child is being unsafe in the woods and refusing to work with our educators, we will have to ask the parents to come pick up their child.

We do cancel programs due to the weather; this includes thunder and lightning warnings, heavy rainfall warnings, flash flooding, high winds of 40km consistently or gusts of 65km, and extreme temperatures of +32 with the humidex and -15 with the windchill. We do not refund for weather cancellations, however, we try our best to reschedule.

**If programs are cancelled before the start date, a full refund will be issued. If programs are cancelled after the program has started, your refund will be prorated.

More information about our policies and expectations, please check out our Parent Handbook.

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