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  • Late Fall Saturday Programs (November 19 – December 10)

    Late Fall Saturday Programs (November 19 – December 10)

    The same FUN group, with a new location! For our late fall programs we have taken advantage of our access to Kiwanis Park in Cole Harbour and it’s regulations allowing for us to have campfires. And many campfires were enjoyed by this class! Though everyone loves a good fire, nothing brings people together quite like…

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  • Summer Week Seven – Cole Harbour

    Summer Week Seven – Cole Harbour

    The last two weeks of summer were our busiest of all! We finished off the season strong with two “exploration” camps, one offered at each of our locations. The first of these camps took place at Cole Harbour Heritage Park and boy did we really explore that park! We set up a new “base camp”…

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  • Summer Week Four – Cole Harbour

    Summer Week Four – Cole Harbour

    If there’s one thing the week four group will be remembered by it’s their love for climbing! This group spent the first half of the week making their way up trees, both with and without hand-made harnesses. The second half of the week we upgraded to a true climbing harness and rope! Which way to…

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  • Parent & Tot

    Parent & Tot

    Introducing one of our newest programs this year: Parent and tot! What could be better than babies in nature? Outdoor exploration has no age limit! This program not only gives our youngest age group yet (< 3 years old) an opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors, but it also allows for their families to…

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