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  • Winter Programs Week Two (February 8)

    Winter Programs Week Two (February 8)

    Wednesday Forest School – Cole Harbour This week at forest school had MUCH less snow than the last! And though this meant we spent less time (no time) sledding, the students were eager to  spend their time building forts! We spent most of the day playing around “Bumblebee camp.” The students spent their time building,…

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  • Winter Programs Week One (February 1-3)

    Winter Programs Week One (February 1-3)

    Wednesday Forest School – Cole Harbour  I often share a lot of gratitude to the beautiful weather we get many days at forest school…but this day was one greater than we could have ever wished. The perfect, wintery, first day of winter forest school programs. The sun glistened through the powdery snow covered trees; keeping…

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  • Fall Week Four (October 4-October 8)

    Fall Week Four (October 4-October 8)

    Tuesday Homeschool Program – Cole Harbour We were so thankful to be blessed with the beautiful fall day we experienced this Tuesday in Cole Harbour.   Today was this groups first time at “Bumblebee Camp” ! We love this camp because it is great for fort building and tree play. This camp is located just…

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